Here’s the full reading schedule for the 9th annual New York City Poetry Festival! Submissions to host a reading are now closed.

Saturday, July 27th


11:00am: IAWA (Italian American Writer’s Association)
11:30am: MiCasa Writers Corner
12:00pm: Codhill Press
12:30pm: [PANK]
1:30pm: W.W. Norton & Company
2:00pm: Read Poetry
3:00pm: The Poetry Society of New York
4:00pm: Intersections Magazine
4:30pm: Artful Dodgers Poetry
5:00pm: New York Writer’s Workshop
5:30pm: Women’s Poetry Workshop
6:00pm: Andrews McMeel Universal
6:30pm: Poets Corner BK


11:00am: Soulteri
11:30am: Terrapin Books
12:00pm: Coyote Blood
12:30pm: Underground Books
1:00pm: Thirty West Publishing
1:30pm: Just Poets, Inc.
2:00pm: The Red Wheelbarrow
2:30pm: Yes Poetry
3:00pm: The Poetry Society of New York
4:00pm: Our Galleries
4:30pm: La Pluma y La Tinta
5:00pm: The Green Pavillion
5:30pm: Quail Bell Magazine
6:00pm: Enliylyxyl Press
6:30pm: She Will Speak


11:00am: Post Traumatic Press
11:30am: Warrior Writers
12:00pm: NAMI-NYC Metro Poetry Workshop
12:30pm: The New York Browning Society
2:00pm: VCFA
3:00pm: The Poetry Society of New York
4:00pm: Pony One Dog Press
4:30pm: Vegetarian Alcoholic Press
5:00pm: Sweet Action Poetry
5:30pm: The BLAQLIST
6:00pm: easy paradise
6:30pm: Newtown Literary Alliance



11:00am: Get Fresh Books
11:30am: Suburban Springtime Zine
12:30pm: Short Line Review
1:00pm: NYU MFA (Spanish)
1:30pm: National Association of Poetry Therapy
2:00pm: Jaime Lee Lewis
2:30pm: BOA Editions
3:00pm: The Poetry Society of New York
4:00pm: Sarah Lawrence College
4:30pm: Room Shakerz LLC


11:00am: Live Big Girl
11:30am: Jackie Robinson Poetry Day
12:00pm: Thespis Books
12:30pm: Lastbench
1:00pm: NeuroNautic Institute Workshop
1:30pm: Red Hen Press
2:00pm: Brooklyn Poets
3:00pm: The Poetry Society of New York
4:30pm: Poetry Street on the Road


11:00am: Redeemer Writers Group
11:30am: Poets, Of Course
12:00pm: Hobart Festival of Women Writers
12:30pm: Morningside Poets
1:00pm: great weather for MEDIA
1:30: Antivirus Publication
2:00pm: The American Poetry Journal
2:30pm: NYRB Poets
3:00pm: The Poetry Society of New York
4:00pm: COUPLET
4:30pm: Modern Day Psalmists

Artful Dodgers Poetry, founded in June of 2017 and curated by Harvey Soss, hosts monthly poetry readings, with a mix of open mic and featured readers, at the Montauk Club, a Landmarked historical treasure styled in 1891 after a Venetian palazzo. The Montauk Club is located at 25 8th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, just around the corner from the Grand Army Plaza 2/3 subway stop and an easy walk from the 7th Avenue Q and F stations (8th Avenue exit at the latter). Readings are held each month except August in the Fontana Room under an ornate chandelier, against a backdrop of stained glass windows, grand piano and original wall friezes. Brief tours of the Montauk Club may be available upon request at the conclusion of each reading. The mission of Artful Dodgers Poetry is to bring the best poetry available in NYC and beyond to as wide an audience as possible, bridging generations, in a setting remarkable in its own right for its unique, and likely never again to be duplicated, aesthetics. Open mic readers are generally given five minutes to read, more if time permits. For information, or to confirm an interest in reading their work, poets should contact us at A schedule of upcoming events will be posted on Artful Dodgers Poetry's Facebook page and also on the Facebook page of Harvey Soss.

We are a collective of artists that work to highlight local creativity in the Bronx.

Brooklyn Poets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization celebrating and cultivating the poets, poetry and literary heritage of Brooklyn, the birthplace of American poetry. Since our inception in 2012, our core program of small, intensive poetry workshops taught by award-winning poets in their own homes has served over 700 students and employed over 40 teachers, and we’ve grown to host 22 events per year attracting over 1400 attendees annually, fostering a more homegrown, close-knit, diverse community of poets and readers than what we see traditionally offered by graduate writing programs and the American literary community at large. Our community extends through The Bridge, a unique online network connecting poets and mentors throughout the world.

Featuring David Appelbaum, Jan Schmidt, Robert Krut, Pauline Uchmanowicz.

Founded in 1998 to publish works lying at the intersection of spiritual, literary, and poetic thought, Codhill Press functions to provide texts for readers on a search for meaning and transcendent value. Initially, Codhill drew on a wide circle of interests, from traditional texts of Buddhism to teaching stories of various ways of wisdom to the iconic art of Frederick Franck. The circle then widened to include esoteric studies in philosophy and in dance. Throughout, the Press had a second focus in publishing contemporary poetry. Our annual international Codhill Poetry Award intends to represent contemporary verse from a range of voices that rely on vivid, dynamic language and meaningful content. Codhill publishes from eight to twelve titles per year, each aiming for innovative book design and high production values.

COUPLET is a quarterly poetry and music series and social at The Delancey on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Readings feature six poets and an after party. Hosted curated and produced by Leah Umansky.

Featuring Ryan Buynak, Brian Van Remmen, Yanika, Ryan Drag, Matt Howels, Justin Foil, Torrye LaFlame.

A collection of wonderful poetic weirdos and pugilists, who stab the wind and turn it in the other direction, just to see if it can be done. From soft spoken storytellers to powerful prophets, this is a collective like no other. Coming from all over the world, Coyote Blood will either kill you or make you believe.

Darklight Publishing LLC was created in 2016 based in New York City to disseminate the poetic work of contemporary Latin American an American authors. Translation, editing and illustration of the books are in the capable hands of writers and artists in Mexico and the United States. The bilingual series of books named "Bridges" was conceived for readers in our geographic hemisphere, where there is a broad exchange between the English and Spanish languages. These books are distributed in many American and European countries, in printed or digital formats, through the Amazon website. They are also now available on demand at the Barnes & Noble bookstores located throughout the U.S.A.

Poetry magazine out of New York City featuring work by Camilo Roldán, Bridget Talone, Jordan Franklin, Cat Tyc, Olivia Mardwig, Chris Roberts, Todd Colby, Arlo Quint, Daniel Jones and many more. Edited by Matt Proctor.

Featuring Erica Schreiner, Billy Cancel, Ryan Drag, Cody Ross, Gabriel Raines.

Enlilylyxyl is a small press based in Brooklyn focusing on sound poetry, video poetry, and other experimental poetic forms. It is our mission to encourage experimentation and cross-pollination of ideas in the NYC poetry community and beyond. We organize readings in living rooms, galleries, bars, parks, and on beaches. We release print and digital media. We seek to bring together experimental poets and curious adventurers from around the world, and it is our goal to offer support to everyone who is interested in exploring new ways of using language.

Featuring Evie Ivy, Evelyn Katz, Robert Gibbons, Peggy Fitzgerald, Jack Tricarico.

One of the longest running poetry readings in NYC. (The longest in Brooklyn.) The Green Pavilion Poetry Event through the years has inspired readers, and other readings. It has 3 anthologies out - Dinner with the Muse I, II, and III, "Leisure" that came out recently. Included are regular readers, and poets that have come to read as featured performers. We have had readers from the 5 boroughs and nearby L. I. and Jersey.

great weather for MEDIA focuses on the unpredictable, the fearless, the bright, the dark, and the innovative. Based in New York City, we showcase both national and international writers through solo poetry collections and a yearly anthology selected from open submission. Join us every Sunday, 4:00 - 6:00 pm, for our reading series at the Lower East Side's Parkside Lounge.

Intersections Mag is a creative community of artists in NYC specially involved in the promotion of the arts through 1) participating in city and neighborhood initiatives; and 2) organizing events and activities (readings, cultural conferences, gallery openings). Intersections Mag members are multicultural, both men and women, highly engaged in human(ism) and social values.

The Italian American Writers Association is celebrating its 27th Anniversary. Since 1991, IAWA has given voice to writers through its literary series every 2ndSaturday of the month. Readings begin with an Open Mic: IAWA-East is held even months at Sidewalk Café and IAWA-West continues at Cornelia Street Café on odd months. Visit and join us at

In our third year, The Jackie Robinson Poetry Day September 15th 12pm - seeks to continue to foster a large and growing audience of dynamic members of our community to come out and participate in reading, listening, and kids creating their own books of Harlem Renaissance Poetry. The Jackie Robinson Bandshell theater is the perfect location for Poetry, Discourse and Community. Sponsored by Underground Books, We invited you to come out and join us on stage and share your poetry. A Poetry Contest is also up for grabs by submitting poems to! We look forward to seeing you participate this year and for many years to come!

 Featuring Jennifer Maloney, Karen Faris, Dionna Vereen, Bart White.

Founded in 2004, Just Poets is a non-profit sustained by its 80-plus members in and around Rochester NY. Each month, we invite area poets to give a reading of their work followed by an open mic. We offer monthly programs on poetry and workshops to provide constructive critiques of works in progress. Each year, in collaboration with FootHills Publishing, we publish an anthology of members' poems. The New York State Council of the Arts funded Just Poets to build community through poetry. We created 21 poetry events and built a cumulative audience of 2100 artists and audience. Just Poets celebrates poets and poetry by supporting writers at all levels of ability to improve their work and find their individual poetic voices. Just Poets also seeks to increase the public’s awareness and appreciation of poetry.

La Pluma y La Tinta is a home for writers, providing literary resources and opportunities for marginalized voices, specifically writers of color and the LGBTQ community, who otherwise would not have a platform for sharing their work.

It began as an idea: 3 poets writing together to take their bodies back from the mouths of critics, that resulted in the creation of "Live Big Girl", a play reviewed as "Touching unrealistic expectations of society as it relates to everything from fashion , religion , relationships, culture , food and sexuality, telling the stories of our childhood and the process of understanding one's true self identity". "Daso" To continue this movement of living big, A "Live Big Project" was created, we are connecting with other poets to share their "live big" message, we are offering community writing workshops to help others find and share their message. Our message is to live big at any size!! and we hope to bring this message to The New York Poetry Festival.

Featuring Ameresoul & Hattress.

Mi Casa aims to bring the love of writing to the community by creating a welcoming and inviting environment where writers and non-writers alike can feel free to express themselves through the art of words.

Since 2003, The NAMI NYC Metro Poetry Workshop is where poets gather to share their stories, experiences, tips, & techniques. A place to learn and experiment while encouraging others to keep reading and keep writing. Participants study and read their poetry and get feedback on their work, share and talk freely in a safe & inclusive space without fear of judgment and allow the collective process to help with both communication and socialization skills.

The New York Browning Society was founded in 1907 to study the poetry, life, and times of Robert Browning (1812-1889), and of his wife, Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1851). Their programs reflect the extraordinary diversity of the couple’s restless intellects and also encompass most of Victorian literature and culture. The Society also founded The Browning Institute, which saved the poets’ Florentine home, Casa Giudi, from commercial development. The meetings at the National Arts Club, which are held at 1:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of October through May, are open to the public. Programs last about 45 minutes, and are followed by a question and answer session with the speaker and refreshments. The only requirement for membership is an interest in the poets. Their May gathering is the Society’s annual meeting and lunch to commemorate the birth of Robert Browning on May 7, 1812. In addition to programs by speakers, they present the awards for our annual citywide high school poetry contest, which will read their work.

Newtown Literary Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting writers and writing in Queens, NY. Our flagship project is the publication of a semiannual literary journal featuring new work by writers living in or originally from the largest borough in New York City. We also hold free writing classes for adults, teens, and kids around the borough, and a biennial writing contest for kids and teens. Throughout the year, all over Queens, we hold readings, workshops, and other literary events.

NYRB Poets is an imprint of New York Review Books which publishes classic works and new translations. The reading will be joined by Chloe Garcia Roberts, a poet and the translator for a book of poetry by the late Tang poet Li Shangyin, and Lawrence Kramer, the editor for NYRB Poets' series Drum-Taps by Walt Whitman. 

Featuring Nolan Blair, Nicola Saffren, Tepper Saffren.

We're a new organization aimed at giving artists a low cost platform to sell their art.

Featuring Max Brett, Chris Campanioni, Jessica Fischoff.

Our chief concern is to provide opportunities for underrepresented voices in publishing, we reject all the "isms" and phobias suppressing our voices. No to racism, sexism, ageism, gender identity discrimination, homophobia, Islamophobia, and economic disenfranchisement.

Featuring Robert Pinsky, Javier Zamora, and Chen Chen.

The Poetry Society of New York is a non-profit dedicated to promoting poetry within our culture. The society accomplishes its mission by producing engaging, one-of-a-kind poetry experiences; by creating strategic partnerships in the worlds of art, literature, and design; and by fostering healthy and progressive poetry communities in cities across the globe. Our projects include the The New York City Poetry Festival, The Poetry Brothel, The Typewriter Project, Milk Press, and the newly launched Micro-Residency program. 

We are a group of poets that meet weekly in Harlem. Our reason for getting up each day is to challenge all outdated notions of ability, one poem at a time. Poets, of Course is a collective of poets with intellectual disabilities. We pride ourselves on our creativity and rigor. We hope that by hearing us read, you begin to question all you think you know about boundaries and capabilities. Oh yes we can.

Featuring Christine Sloan Stoddard, Ghia Vitale, Benjamin Nardolilli, Mari Pack.

Quail Bell Magazine is a feminist publication and community for real and unreal stories from around the world. We have a special love for the imaginary, nostalgic, and otherworldly. Our go-to spell? Art + Ideas = Magic.

Red Hen Press is an American non-profit press specializing in the publication of poetry, literary fiction, and nonfiction. Founded in 1994, Red Hen is now located in Pasadena, California. The press was founded in 1994 by Kate Gale and Mark E. Cull with the intention of keeping creative literature alive. Their focus as a literary press is to publish poetry, literary fiction, and nonfiction. Red Hen Press is committed to publishing work of literary excellence, supporting diversity, and promoting literacy in our local schools. We seek a community of readers and writers who are actively engaged in the essential human practice known as literature.

The Red Wheelbarrow Poets is a collective of poets based in the hometown of William Carlos Williams, Rutherford, NJ. The group hosts a weekly poetry workshop led by Jim Klein and a monthly reading series organized by The Gang of Five at the Williams Center in Rutherford. They also host another reading series at the GainVille Café, also in Rutherford, hosted by Mark Fogarty. Their annual journal "The Red Wheelbarrow" is celebrating ten years of relevant poetry in NY and NJ.

The Redeemer Writers Group crafts words so that they might be light in a dark space, wildflowers breaking through cracks in the pavement, water to thirsty souls. We believe that in the beginning was the Word and that the Word became flesh, and so we write this poetry into our hearts and endeavor to share beauty, love, and hope in the words we write, the poems we read, the lives we lead. We have been meeting monthly for close to a decade to seek the flourishing of New York City. We hold discussions, critiques, readings, and conferences.

An ethos of generosity guides the MFA Writing Program at Sarah Lawrence—a belief that thriving as a writer can go hand in hand with helping other writers thrive. Sarah Lawrence's MFA Writing faculty members are both distinguished writers and devoted mentors. At the heart of our program are bi-weekly, one-on-one student-teacher conferences, in which our faculty engages with your work in depth, accompanying you every step of the way as you explore the possibilities of your art. Our vibrant community of writers features monthly student readings, the student-run literary magazine Lumina, and a student-run annual poetry festival, as well as our literary colloquium, a weekly series of talks by faculty members, visiting writers, and publishing-industry professionals. 

Featuring Nia Mora, Astrid Ferguson, Shanice Ariel.

Our mission is to build a community through the empowerment of women with education, awareness, and the arts to cultivate healing and change.

 Short Line Review is an organization dedicated to connecting artists to their communities, to each other, to resources, and to themselves. Through podcasts, workshops, articles, publishing opportunities, and live events within the tri-state area, we help poets, musicians, and visual artists navigate their current fields and grow their current network all while raising the voices of marginalized communities. We have created two literary anthologies that raised money for Baton Rouge flood victims and New Brunswick homeless, interviewed poets and community builders, and collaborated with Write About Now, Muslim Writers Collective, Muslim Girl and SlamFind to curate an American Muslim Video Cypher for Muslim poets and storytellers that is also available on YouTube.

Souletri started out as a small monthly showcase offering a stage for up-and-coming artists of all types. Over the course of a year, with careful curation, and a consistent family-like fanbase, Souletri has grown into an extravagant event offering original and thought provoking poetry and musical talent. These artist through their special ways of expression, continue to captivate the minds of the fast growing crowds in attendance who leave every show speechless.

Sweet Action is a poetry collective that supports each member’s unique voice through respectful discussion and critique, public readings, and our anthologies. We seek to create a welcoming space for a diverse group of women, non-binary, and LGBTQIA poets. The group was founded in 2014 by Mirielle Clifford and Julie Hart and is based in Brooklyn.

Featuring Gary J. Whitehead, Sarah Wetzel, and Michael T. Young.

Terrapin Books is a small press for poetry books exclusively. Now 3 years old, the press has published 17 collections by single authors, 3 craft books, and 2 anthologies with a third in progress. Our mission is to present beautiful books of well-crafted poems. Our poets come from all parts of the country. We tend to favor lyric poetry but also seek variety. Work from our books has been featured on Poetry Daily, Verse Daily, and American Life in Poetry. Our books have placed in several after-publication contests and one won Best Poetry Book of the Year from the Virginia Poetry Society and another won the Whirling Prize for work about the disabled.

Featuring Josh Dale, Rebecca Kokitus, Jane-Rebecca Cannarella. 

A Philadelphia-based small press of handmade books, a monthly reading series, and a literary journal.

Underground Books was started in 1997. Countless wars, solo albums, and a hefty mortgages later, and entering 20--, our love for books remain undiminished. We love books and we love poetry. Our primary goal is to make books of poetry (it is our belief that a good book is always poetry.) Representing Writers from all over the world, this truly is the Underground. Join us.

VA Press specializes in quality poetry by new authors, with a focus on work that transcends the ether. We publish many styles and genres of verse that makes us whoa.

Featuring Tina Chang, Jill Bialosky.

“Books are the weapons in the battle of ideas.” These were the words of William Warder Norton, who 96 years ago launched the firm that bears his name. Today, the three-person company he once ran from his living room has become the oldest and largest publishing house owned entirely by its employees. In 1923, Norton and his wife, Mary Dows Herter Norton, hired a stenographer and began transcribing and publishing the lectures delivered at the People’s Institute, the adult division of Cooper Union in New York City. While initially modest in scope, this enterprise embodied the Nortons' progressive vision that leaders in their fields—not mere popularizers—should “bring to the public the knowledge of our time.” Norton and his wife used their living room table to assemble these lectures into pamphlets, which they then boxed in sets of twenty to sell as a whole. As Mrs. Norton later remembered, “Warder would carry the results by taxi in an old Drew suitcase that had accompanied my parents on their wedding journey.” The Nortons soon expanded their program beyond the People’s Institute, acquiring manuscripts by celebrated academics from America and abroad and entering the fields of philosophy, music, and psychology, in which they published acclaimed works by Bertrand Russell, Paul Henry Lang, and Sigmund Freud (as his primary American publisher). Described in the New York Herald Tribune as “a figure of universal respect and liking,” Warder Norton was inspired by his sense of duty to serve as the president of the Council on Books in Wartime during World War II, working with other publishing greats including Bennett Cerf and John Farrar to spearhead a book donation effort that put 123 million copies of 1,180 titles into the hands of those in military service. “This is the most valuable thing that bookmen can undertake in the conduct of the war,” said Norton about the massive project that produced books designed to fit into the pockets of soldiers; in this role, he also coined his phrase about books as weapons, which was adopted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Warrior Writers is a veteran-focused arts organization that fosters artistic exploration and expression through casual, welcoming workshops, retreats and public performances.

Featuring Vincent Katz, Elaine Equi, Jerome Sala, David Lehman, Ron Kolm aWnd, Stephen Paul Miller, Paul Miller.

Yearly poetry magazine celebrating its 6th year. Each issue dedicated to a poet. This year issue celebrates the poetry of John Ashbery and Colette Inez. Poets published in issue include Ann Wakdnan, Star Black, David Lehman, Charles Bernsteinx Jill Hoffman, Tom Savage, Vincent Katz, Ann Lauterbach, Barbara Rosenthal, John Godfrey, Roxanne Hoffman, Bob Holnan and others.

We publish LGBTQIA-identified people, people of color, and women. We're a lifestyle, art, and literary magazine.