All submissions are currently closed. If you'd like to show your support for the 9th annual New York City Poetry Festival, submissions will open in February 2019! Here are a few ways to get involved next year...


1. If you plan on attending the festival this year, and you would like to pitch in, become a volunteer! The New York City Poetry Festival operates largely thanks to our small army of volunteers who donate their time and skills to the festival each summer. We need volunteers to help with a variety of tasks from heavy-lifting to arts-and-crafting to brochure-handing.

2. If you plan on attending the festival as a guest, check out our admission packages! Of course, the festival is and will always be free and open to the public, but we rely on those who can afford a ticket to make that contribution. Each of our admission packages come with a cornucopia of perks! 

3. If you are part of an organization or company that wants to sponsor the New York City Poetry Festival, we would love to hear from you! 14,000 people attended last year's New York City Poetry Festival, making it a wonderful place to promote your cause or product. ***Please email if you'd still like to sponsor the event in 2018. 

4. If you're a poetry lover who wishes to help sustain The Poetry Society of New York (producers of the NYC Poetry Festival) year-round, become a member of the society! The Poetry Society of New York is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to promoting poetry within the culture.The society accomplishes its mission by designing and producing engaging, one-of-a-kind poetry experiences; by creating strategic partnerships in the worlds of art, literature, and design; and by fostering healthy and progressive poetry communities in cities across the globe. The society produces The Typewriter Project, The Poetry Brothel, Milk Press, Micro-Residencies, and more! 

5. If you can't make it to the festival this year but would like to show your support, or, if you simply wish to make a charitable contribution this year, you can make a tax deductible donation to The Poetry Society of New York.