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 Ashley's mission is to create unique artwork for all her customers while also giving the option for them to request custom work. Also to support other local artists to do what they love and to create art work.

B Inspired is a weight loss movement that inspires people to look beyond the pounds on the scale. We conduct health/fitness as well as empowerment sessions to help people grow and look beyond the mirror. The founder of B Inspired, Jessica Key, was 319 lbs. in January of 2016 and decided to take her health more seriously by making changes one meal and one workout at a time. Recently, she has written a book called Confessions of a Buddafli: Relationships, Food, and Self-Esteem. This book takes readers on a journey that is intertwined with poetry and self-reflection. This book encompasses a journey of discovery and self love coupled with true transparency. Jessica now travels across the country telling her story and providing services through B Inspired.

The Belladonna mission is to promote the work of women writers who are adventurous, experimental, politically involved, multi-form, multicultural, multi-gendered, impossible to define, delicious to talk about, unpredictable and dangerous with language. Belladonna has featured nearly 300 writers of wildly diverse age and origin, writers who work in conversation and collaboration, in and between multiple forms, languages, and critical fields.

 Bev Flynn is a visionary, serial poet who fuses metaphor, to picture. Her unique perception of words, and her quest for enveloping the subtle nuances of nature form the rich texture and fabric of her pages. She dispenses verse through her books, web and social media.

Brooklyn Poets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization celebrating and cultivating the poets, poetry and literary heritage of Brooklyn, the birthplace of American poetry. Since our inception in 2012, our core program of small, intensive poetry workshops taught by award-winning poets in their own homes has served over 700 students and employed over 40 teachers, and we’ve grown to host 22 events per year attracting over 1400 attendees annually, fostering a more homegrown, close-knit, diverse community of poets and readers than what we see traditionally offered by graduate writing programs and the American literary community at large. Our community extends through The Bridge, a unique online network connecting poets and mentors throughout the world.

The Climate Museum’s mission is to employ the sciences, art, and design to inspire dialogue and innovation that address the challenges of climatechange, moving solutions to the center of our shared public life and catalyzing broad community engagement.

My organizations mission is to promote self-empowerment, turning pain into passion, self-growth, self-care, and love above all. I'm an author, writer, poet, curator, workshop facilitator, veteran and community activist. My 1st Poetry book is "Tears Laced With Fire" and it's about how I turned my life's pain into my passion. My 2nd Poetry book is "A Little Bit of Sugar" and it's about how I over came all of my pain, the people and bits of sugar in my life that helped me throughout my painful self-care journey. Some of my Coco's Delight products are t-shirts, book marks, hats and post cards. I would appreciate the opportunity to be a vendor at your lovely event. I look forward to receiving a rely in the near future.

Create Shanti is the "brand" name to my illustrative designs and hand-crafted merchandise. All items are of the literary theme and share excerpts to my personal poems. These sales are to support the production of a forthcoming chapbook. The mission beneath the name "Create Shanti" is to share a belief in the power of creativity, of an action, towards peace.

Chris James is a national award-winning poet, author, playwright, teaching artist, gallery owner and TED Talks speaker. He is based in Atlanta, Gerogia. He is known for stage plays "Dear Black People", "A Love Like This" and "The Odds Against U.S."
He has published two books, Black Boy Blues and The Odds Against U.S. He will release his third book August 2018, a childrens poetry hip hop book called "Joe Got Flow".

Coyote Blood publishes and supports the type of art and poetry that hits you like a hammer in the teeth when you least expect it. Spawned from the dead heart of NYC anti-poet Ryan Buynak, when his parents were eaten by coyotes right in front of him, Coyote Blood is a reminder to get out there and create...anything. Begun in 1996 as a street art movement in New York City, it spread like a plague all over the world, eventually evolving into the press that it is today, which solely focuses on publishing weird shit. Beware, because Coyote Blood will probably kill you.

Darklight Publishing, LLC, was created in 2016 based in New York City to disseminate the poetic work of contemporary Latin American and American authors. Translation, editing and illustration of the books are in the capable hands of artists in Mexico and the United States. The bilingual series of books named "Bridges" was conceived for readers in our geographic hemisphere, where there is a broad exchange between English and Spanish languages. These books are distributed in many American and European countries, in printed or digital formats, through the Amazon website. They are also now available on demand at the Barnes & Noble bookstores located throughout the U.S.A.

Dendritic Path Press is an independent press devoted to publishing poetry, libretti and novellas from a singular source and to innumerable ends. The owner and operator can been seen performing his poetry and musicals for the public almost everyday on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. The world can never have too much poetry! - The presses logo - "The path I take is the path I create." Reminding everyone that we are the ones who make our lives fulfilling. Make you own music! Make your own way!

Educating people on living a conscious lifestyle; consisting of becoming more aware of what they put in their mouths, on their bodies/skin and within their environment.We provide solutions via natural and eco-friendly/green products to enhance one's every day living.

FishFood Magazine is an independent literary and arts magazine dedicated to all forms of creative expression and talent. 

FishFood encourages self-expression from daily life through art. Art tends to serve as a coping mechanism from regular shenanigans and obstacles, and FishFood's main goal is to create a community where artists and authors can share their personal meditation through creativity. The online platform serves as a gateway for multimedia artists to become recognized for their poetry, fiction, art, etc. 

The magazine publishes work online on a rolling, weekly basis.

Flutter Press, created in 2009 and edited by Sandy Benitez, is a micro poetry press that utilizes print on demand technology to publish modern, beautiful chapbooks.  We favor free verse, lyrical poetry and short prose.  We have eclectic taste and accept collections on a variety of topics from life, love, loss, dreams, fantasy, fairy tale, surreal, musings, relationships, revelations, experiences, nature, etc. 

great weather for MEDIA focuses on the unpredictable, the fearless, the bright, the dark, and the innovative. Based in New York City, we showcase both national and international writers through solo poetry collections and a yearly anthology selected from open submission. Join us every Sunday, 4:00 - 6:00 pm, for our reading series at the Lower East Side's Parkside Lounge.

Hidden House Press are an experimental poetry press & small indie label founded by Genevieve Fernworthy in Brooklyn in 2007. They host cross-disciplinary poetry & fiction readings as well as avant-garde music performances & happenings in the NYC area. Hidden House Press design, print & distribute their own broadsides, chapbooks, zines & full length collections as well as making spoken word recordings & field recordings with a lyrical bent. Hidden House Press are happy to have been a vendor at the New York Poetry Festival for the last 3 years & have also hosted a reading of some of our favorite (& urgent) contributors each time.

Indolent Books is a small nonprofit poetry press championing underrepresented voices writing innovative, provocative, and risky poetry addressing racial, social, and economic justice themes.

In our third year, The Jackie Robinson Poetry Day September 15th 12pm - seeks to continue to foster a large and growing audience of dynamic members of our community to come out and participate in reading, listening, and kids creating their own books of Harlem Renaissance Poetry. The Jackie Robinson Bandshell theater is the perfect location for Poetry, Discourse and Community. Sponsored by Underground Books, We invited you to come out and join us on stage and share your poetry. A Poetry Contest is also up for grabs by submitting poems to! We look forward to seeing you participate this year and for many years to come!

Self-published author of poetry books, memoir and chapbooks.

La Pluma y La Tinta is a home for writers, providing literary resources and opportunities to marginalized voices, specifically writers of color and the LGBTQ community, who otherwise would not have a platform for sharing their work.

Love, Pain & Poetry runs open mics in the DMV area promoting using poetry for healing. We publish books and currently have three titles and one anthology in development.

MGP is a traditional small press publisher based in New York City and Paris, which publishes various genres of literary and visual art, including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art books, and the magazine POST(blank). 
Mad Gleam Press was created to demonstrate the constant dialogue that exists between the visual, literary, and performance arts through the working collaborations of its editors and contributors. With the participation of hundreds of artists in NYC, Paris and internationally, we curate high quality print publications and live showcases which conjoin the powers of text, image, speech and physical movement in visual/poetic pieces, performances, dialogues on arts and ideas, and excerpts of artist books. We also want to celebrate, document and foster the physical communities that come together around small press publications in our respective cities and help connect them. We hope to offer a space for visual, literary and performance artists, in and outside of the art institutions, to compliment each other’s work and to make new connections across mediums, genres, cultures and demographics.

My Now Ministries is based on Ingrid Phillip' life. The spoken word of others really healed her through a dark place in her life,  and now she's giving inspiration to others through spoken word.

New York Writers Workshop is an alliance of published authors and professional writers of fiction, non-fiction, journalism, poetry, plays and screenplays, who live and teach in New York City and a growing list of locales across the globe. We are dedicated to offering professional guidance, resources and workshops that teach craft, foster creativity, and help writers achieve their goals.

NYRB Poets is an imprint of New York Review Books which publishes classic works and new translations. 

For 124 years, Pen + Brush has been dedicated to promoting the work of women in the literary and visual arts. Pen + Brush provides a platform to showcase the work of professional emerging and mid-career female artists and writers to a broader audience with the ultimate goal of effecting real change within the marketplace. Our Manhattan-based gallery shows contemporary art by women; our press publishes literary fiction and poetry by woman. Originally an electronic-only publisher, we are excited to launch a print literary journal in the summer of 2018.

At Pen + Brush, we believe that art and literature created by women deserves to be recognized and valued on its merit – not judged by the gender of the maker.

The Poetry Table hosts workshops and readings. The first part of the evening, poets read a poem of theirs or someone else's, and the second half is devoted to writing an original poem - on the spot! We don't give critique unless the writer asks. We don't discourage new writers - we encourage them and give them an opportunity to grow.

Polite On Society is a site of social commentary, literary reviews, and political analysis.

 Conscious apparel tee shirts, arts and crafts.

Rebel Poet is a Nuyorican poet and performance artist who's mission is to unpack, dismantle and discredit childhood inner-city trauma, toxic masculinity, racism and all other-isms by sharing his story as a troubled inner-city youth.

We are two artists studying illustration in Philadelphia looking to sell our original books produced at the Borowsky Center for Publication Arts at the University of the Arts. Donnie D'Amico's book, "Unholy Hunger," collects a visual poem exploring self in relation to those who enter and exit our lives. Joseph Rogers's book, "Hooves," is a textless comic following two characters through an abstract, collapsed world. In addition to the books we each sell our own prints of our other works. Excerpts from our books and examples of our work can be found at our instagram accounts provided in the additional notes.

 Sabreen Jolley is a 21 year old author of a collection of Poetry entitled Same Sky, Different Light. Her mission is to inspire people through the art of poetry and create a safe space for expression through her coming initiatives. She is an award winning poet and motivational speaker who has performed at multiple venues, schools, and events. 

 An ethos of generosity guides the MFA Writing Program at Sarah Lawrence—a belief that thriving as a writer can go hand in hand with helping other writers thrive.

Sarah Lawrence's MFA Writing faculty members are both distinguished writers and devoted mentors. At the heart of our program are bi-weekly, one-on-one student-teacher conferences, in which our faculty engages with your work in depth, accompanying you every step of the way as you explore the possibilities of your art.
Our vibrant community of writers features monthly student readings, the student-run literary magazine Lumina, and a student-run annual poetry festival, as well as our literary colloquium, a weekly series of talks by faculty members, visiting writers, and publishing-industry professionals. 

Students may concentrate in Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, or Speculative Fiction, but during their time in the program, all students are permitted—in fact, encouraged—to take classes in any of the genres we offer.

Saturnalia Books’ mission is to publish poetry of high merit by new and established writers and to encourage the publication of literature of a non-commercial and challenging nature

One of a kind greeting card collages with writing, fabric, magic, and soul.

Sycorax Press is a micro press devoted to speculative poetry.  While speculative poetry encompasses fantasy, science fiction, horror and slipstream verse, Sycorax Press is only interested in fantasy and the occasional horror piece, and prefers lyrical, unrhymed works with strong imagery.  Edited by Sandi Leibowitz, Sycorax Press, which launched in spring 2018, is currently only publishing unsolicited manuscripts.  We hope to someday produce an online magazine as well as anthologies.  We are based in Astoria, Queens.   

Thespis Books is a small, newly formed imprint.

Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit publisher for poetry, translation, experimental nonfiction, performance texts, and books by artists. UDP was transformed from a 1990s zine into a Brooklyn-based small press by a volunteer editorial collective that has published more than 250 titles to date. UDP favors emerging, international, and “forgotten” writers, and its books, chapbooks, artist’s books, broadsides, and periodicals often contain handmade elements, calling attention to the labor and history of bookmaking. UDP is committed to keeping its publications in circulation with our online archive of out-of-print chapbooks and our digital proofs program. In all of its activities, UDP endeavors to create an experience of art free of expectation, coercion, and utility.

Underground Books was started in 1997. Countless wars, solo albums, and a hefty mortgages later, and entering 20--, our love for books remain undiminished. We love books and we love poetry. Our primary goal is to make books of poetry (it is our belief that a good book is always poetry.) Representing Writers from all over the world, this truly is the Underground. Join us.

VA Press specializes in quality poetry by new authors, with a focus on work that transcends the ether. We publish many styles and genres of verse that makes us whoa.

Local author and writer with a published poetry book “Olive Rain” and original paintings for sale. Poetry and art is thought-provoking and emotion-stirring for any artist or poet alike.

WORD Bookstores its the official NYCPOFEST bookseller for 2018!

From WORD Bookstores:

WORD has two bookstores: one in Greenpoint, the northernmost neighborhood of Brooklyn, that opened in March of 2007, and one in Jersey City, which opened in December 2013. Our primary goal is to be whatever our communities need us to be!

In Brooklyn, that means carrying a lot of paperback fiction (especially classics), cookbooks, board books, and absurdly cute cards and stationery. In addition, we're fiends for a good event, from the classic author reading and Q&A to potlucks and a basketball league (and anything set in a bar). We're a small operation, just 1000 square feet, but we read too much, so it all works out.

In Jersey City, we've got an inventory of current and past favorites from all genres and categories as well as a café serving Stumptown coffee drinks and an array of fresh salads, sandwiches, and pastries for your pleasure! We also host a full calendar of events each month, from provocative and thoughtful to flat-out fun!

Our aim at is to inspire you to transform your darkest moments into some thing beautiful. Visit our site today for inspirational merchandise and poetry. 

"Untold Verses" is a collection of poetry and musings that takes you on a journey of Gissel's life. Family dysfunction, abuse, and many other relatable themes are explored throughout this book which aims to show her reader how self- reflection and self-discovery aided in transforming her darkest moments into something beautiful.

For over thirty years The Writers Studio, founded by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Philip Schutz has been offering writing workshops dedicated to helping aspiring writers find their unique voice. The school while based in NYC has expanded to include an online program and satellite programs in both Tuscon Arizona and San Francisco California as well as programs tailored to high school students. The Writers Studio is also making a push to hold workshops in Brooklyn. For more information go to Writerstudio.come

 Wundor Editions is an independent publisher of poetry, literary fiction and photography books, based in London. We are committed to publishing innovative, beautifully written works from a range of voices. Design is also important to us; with their unique cover illustrations and tactile feel, our books provide a visual and physical, as well as cerebral, experience. 

We are as keen to launch the careers of unknown writers (Amanda Merritt’s debut poetry collection, The Divining Pool, was recently reviewed in the LARB) as we are to publish work by respected members of the literary establishment (in April, we published Alice Iris Red Horse by Yoshimasu Gozo in the UK). What unites our publications is their excellence and originality. Cane, for instance, is the debut collection from Sam Bully Thomas, an exciting new Caribbean-American poet, who has been mentored by Sir Derek Walcott. Unique in both content and style, Cane traces the journey of sugar through the world and through history, making many imaginative stops along the way, via Thomas's original, restless poetic style.